About My Automotive Photography

Torque Photography is the brand of Freelance Automotive Photographer, Ashley Cashfield from the city of Norwich in the United Kingdom. That’s me above working on an awesome orange Lamborghini.

Why Torque Photography? I always knew early on that I had a passion for cars and after picking up a camera for the first time on a trip to the N├╝rburgring I quickly became hooked and since then it’s started me onto a journey into automotive photography.

After honing my skills and quickly creating a popular social media presence, I created this site to serve as a portfolio of what I consider to be some of my best and most favourite work from past projects to date. Some I cannot publish due to media restrictions, with a lot of my work now consisting of editorial and magazine features. You can have a more in depth look into the work I do by visiting my Automotive Photography Blog. I try to keep this as up to date as possible with things that are going on!

I am always keen to work with new people or brands on exciting projects and love to photograph cars and transport, whether they be ultra rare classics or turbo charged, fire breathing  hyperbeasts!

I am available currently on a freelance basis and if you are interested in working with me then you should certainly drop me a message, I’d love to hear from you!