Great Scott! Back To The Future Day Arrives

Posted: October 21, 2015

As fans from all over the world ooze in excitement as the day made so famous by the 1980’s movie series is finally here. I’d just like to, if I may take time to reflect back to the car that made it all happen and the Back To The Future inspired shoot I did this year…

Back To The Future inspired shoot of a Delorean by Torque PhotographyFancy this image as your wallpaper? Well seeing as you asked so nicely here it is!


The gull wing doored stainless steel clad vehicle from The DeLorean Motor Co. hit the walls of many a teenager’s bedroom (including mine).

Earlier this year I set out trying to recreate the moment Dr Emmett Brown’s marvellous time travelling creation hit the oh so sweet magic number of 88mph.

The shoot took place on a not so glamorous industrial estate in Watton, UK. A stones throw away from where the owner, Jake runs his own business. The final shot you see above was comprised of around 3-4 exposed frames all captured on location, allowing me to get a nicely exposed balance on the wheels, body panels, rear lights and allowing me enough room to play once back home in Photoshop. Not forgetting the fire of corse which was all shot in camera!

Around 5 hours of post processing work went into this. First of all running it through Adobe Lightroom but then onto Photoshop CC where the magic happened. It was here I could add the motion blur to the ground to give it some sense of realism and also add a few lighting effects in front of the car itself. I really wanted to try and re-create some of the feel from the movie here and although I’m not the best Photoshop whizz in the world (far from it in fact) I’m fairly happy with this effort.

You can see more shots from this particular shoot on the front page of my website.

The DeLorean is a truly awesome and unique car. If you can get a ride in one I highly recommend it, just keep an eye on the speed-o   😉

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